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Unigard Security Window Bars

UNIGARD is a unique system of window bars designed and manufactured by Micron-Parr Security Products for use in all types of window applications.

Made of strong extruded aluminum alloy and designed to present a French window appearance, Unigard window bars come in clear anodized, white and brown polyester powder coating to compliment most window installations.

Unigard window bars may be installed permanently secured or locked and removable in storefront and home home applications, or with an alarm device and ease of removability for fire safety or other reasons.
The unique design allows pre-manufacturing of the window units with final assembly at site. This reduces shipping and handling costs and provides a fast and simple installation.

Unigards’ flexibility withstands human attack extremely well as it flexes under attack absorbing the energy uniformly thus reducing the risk of anchor bolt failure. Unigard window bar installations utilize substantially more anchor bolts then most other products.

If a vehicle or other device is used to pull the bars out, Unigard window bars will normally snap at the point of pulling (fragment) and still stay in the window denying access. At the same time this type of attack on Unigard security bars will not normally result in the destruction of the whole storefront as often happens with steel bars in certain installations.

Unigard Window Bars. Attractive. Strong. Durable. Convenient… For Over 20 Years


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